Time is our most valuable resource. We all have a set quantity – nothing can change that.

But we do have absolute control over the quality of each hour. In theory at least. My  practice needs to improve.

  • How can I eliminate activities that waste time?
  • How do I free time by selecting to do the right activities?
  • How do I invest time in my team for the ultimate return: more time for myself?

Time Management

Time Management deals with the efficient use of time. It helps to get things done and to reduce stress. It is focused on the quantity of time available.

Beyond Time Management

To go a step further I want to address the effective use of time – its quality.

Time is the one resource we have that cannot be renewed. It passes no matter what.

I used to produce international events for companies like BMW, Adidas and Citibank. I flew around the world, setting up event teams in Canada, the US, South Africa, Japan and all over Europe. I worked with Brian Ferry, Franz Beckenbauer, Heidi Klum, Donatella Versace.

And I spend many hours in the office. Often 12 hours or more.

The Choice

One day I made a choice: From now on I would work from 8.00am to 5.00pm.

That caused quite a stir. For weeks my boss tried to wrap me into meetings just before 5.00pm. I would decline and tell him that I would be available the next day.

Can you guess what happened? No, I was not fired, on the contrary: I got much more done.

And I started having a life outside of work again. I went for walks, I got into sports, I enjoyed time with my girlfriend. It was fantastic.

How Can I Achieve That Now?

Here is my formula I’ll try to implement:

  1. Spend time on things I enjoy
  2. Stop wasting time
  3. Free time by focusing on the most valuable activities
  4. Invest time to empower my team

Owning a Business

There are some stats out there (not sure where I heard it) that 90% of people who say they are business owners are owner operators.

I keep telling myself that as I have just started my business and am building it, that this is a special time and needs more investment in time and money than an established business.

But I do not want to forget the goal of building a team that can run it and setting up the systems that lead profitable operations.