I want to spend time on something I really enjoy. Something that I have not done for a long time. Maybe never done. Get a massage. Go for an extended walk. Take my daughter to the zoo. Go to lunch with my wife or even better – make love in the middle of the day.

I’d love to it during a time that I would normally spend at work.

But then I think, I work 10-12 hours a day and I am still busy. How can I ever deal with all the stuff on my desk. Leaving all that sounds impossible.

I did it anyway and noticed that taking this freedom, breaking out from my routine, shaking my shackles off, pays back manifold.

Here is a little calculation if you are a numbers person. Let’s say you work 50 hours a week, 46 weeks a year. That is 2,300 hours. So if you left for 2 hours, I would lose 0.087% of my yearly productivity. Can I afford that?

To do what I Enjoy

This is not the time to do anything because I think I have to. I will not go shopping with my wife, because she has been asking me to do that. I will not mow the lawn or wash the car.

This is for me.

I want to be really selfish and do something just for me. I know how that can absolutely elate me.

So I opt for a Kahuna Massage and come back to the office – glowing, having had a taste of my freedom to choose.

Living a more balanced and fulfilling life needs to start right now. It cannot be planned for the future. Time management is driven by habits. They are not hard to break initially, but much more difficult to reform into new habits.

This step has broken the routine and filled it with something
beautiful and motivating. It opens me up for the possibilities of change and anchors it with a positive experience.

So now onto Stop Wasting Time.