Dance of Life Was A Feast

Dance of Life Was A Feast

The Dance of Life was a feast. It was a feast for all senses. And it was a coming together of community in a beautiful and meaningful way. We journeyed along the stages of life and had a taste of all of them. Plus the beautiful lunch created by Blue Plum.


Joerg‘s movement exploration as an embryo in the womb. 
Cristian‘s breath as a reflection of the first breath we took on this earth.
Alessandra‘s sensual discovery of self and flow with others.
Petra‘s dance of power, saying yes to all there is, really showing up in the tribe.
The pain, joy and awareness around partner selection.
Jaime arriving in the heart, being deeply held as a representation of family.
Sarita opening our voices to share ourselves in community.
Jason inviting the human mandala as a reflection of how we are all connected.
Jandamarra sharing his beautiful story around eldership and purpose.
Angela closing the day with Dancing Freedom, connecting us to the higher while dropping into the sacredness of ourselves.
And the musical support of Alexander Alm.

Thank you again to all the facilitators who have contributed their craft, wisdom and love. Let them know what you loved, what inspired you, what you wish for.

And come dance with us in any of the Conscious Dance Sessions.


Joerg Hassmann – My profession and passion is to dance and to share the dance with others. That’s what I do through teaching, performing, writing and organizing. In the beginning I was mainly driven by creating dance and theatre pieces, bringing improvisation on stage. A while back teaching CI has become my main field of exploration, which I began in 1995 – and now it lets me travel the whole world. Developmental movement patterns, an anatomical focus on the skeleton and the fascia system, Capoeira, Release Techniques and many kinds of sports have guided my understanding of the moving body.

I never thought of becoming a dancer, since dancing was one of the things I was scared of the most. But from my childhood onwards I had a great need and passion for movement and to figure out how to move more efficiently. My fields of exploration were many kinds of sports like football, gymnastics, volley ball, running, cycling and swimming and later capoeira among many others.

In ’92 a girlfriend lovingly forced me to once come with her to a Contact Improvisation class. This was the scary and surprising starting point for my dance passion. But rather soon CI moved for a good 10 years into the background. I was too fascinated about release based dance technique and instant composition work. Especially Lilo Stahl, Julyen Hamilton, David Zambrano and Frey Faust gave me deep inspirations. Once I re-connected more with Contact Improvisation learned a lot from the beautiful people I have been co-teaching with like Mirva Mäkinen, Christine Mauch and Daniel Werner. My main teacher will probably always stay the practice of the dance, the teaching itself and labbing with who ever is around.


Weekly Classes and Monthly Jams

Contact Improvisation Technical Skills
Alternating Thursday – Valdora Community Hall 6.00 PM
Contact Improvisation Jam Skills
Alternating Fridays – Eumundi CWA Hall 6.30 PM
Contact Improv New Years Retreat Cooran/ Sunshine Coast
JAN 5, 2023 AT 1 AM – JAN 8, 2023 AT 2 PM UTC+08

Cristian Truijillo is a mindfulness coach and business mentor, he uses coaching methods, healing practises and business experience to help people move forward in their lives or businesses, Cristian was born in Chile and moved to Australia 15 years ago. Over the years he has walked many paths that allowed him to accumulate a wide variety of experience.

In his work as a facilitator, he brings together his experience as a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer, Breathwork Facilitator, International Speaker and Certified Coach. He also incorporates the principles he has practised as an Engineer, Videographer, Entrepreneur, Lecturer and Business Mentor.

Cristian recently moved to the Sunshine Coast, launching Yandina Yoga and Breathwork, where he shares the practices of Yoga and Breathwork with people who would like to get started in these practices.


Wellness Retreat Bali – 23-29 January 2023
Are you ready to reconnect with yourself, fill up your cup and learn how to manifest the life of your dreams? Join Michelle and Cristian for a week long retreat in Bali, and tap into your inner power and ability to create the life that you want.
During this 7 day retreat let yourself be nurtured in body, mind and spirit as you embark on a journey of empowerment and a deeper connection with yourself.
If you feel it’s time to stop and give yourself the gift to reboot your health and wellbeing, then this retreat is for you!
From sharing delicious healthy plant based meals, receiving traditional Balinese
massages, participating in wellbeing workshops, cultural activities and adventures in nature, you will be left looking at life with a completely new set of eyes.
Sunshine Coast Yandina School of Arts – Breathwork Journey
Sundays, 7 AM – 9 AM 
Only $35, Online booking required and we go for breakfast afterwards

Alessandra Massi – INTIMASSI Feminine Embodiment Coach and Sensual Dance Facilitator. Alessandra is an absolute magician walking through this life while empowering others and making them feel great about themselves. Her playful games and insightful ideas have added much spark to our community. Alessandra offers one-on-one sessions as a feminine embodiment coach where her loving guidance helps to heal old pain and uncover new zest for life.


SEEN – Through loving eyes – look, feel, heal
Date – TBC Noosa Hinterland ($222.00)

A heart based collaboration between dance facilitator/coach Alessandra and artist Zoe, practicing unconditional love, acceptance and celebration of our bodies in a space of nourishing connection and safety. 

Contact Details: 

Petra Lane – Somatic Coach & Facilitator, Intimacy Teacher

This body-of-work brings alive the whole being, to access our true nature. Humans are multi-dimensional beings – for millennia we have processed our emotional, psychological, mental & spiritual experience through the body … yet in our current social paradigm, this ‘whole aliveness’ has been shut down & repressed. 

Having a direct experience of our truest nature – that which is curious, open, loving, relaxed, connected, alert, truly free – naturally comes alive when we directly process our emotions, traumas, human experience etc, through the innate wisdom of the body in movement, in connection with others. 


Here are some events moving forward that support this true nature to come alive:

1:1 sessions are also on offer – compassionate and deeply held spaces supporting trauma healing, inner somatic process and heart-centred awareness. Reach out for all detail and I so look forward to connecting with you once again.

Ph: 0401 107 187


Jaime-Lee Hind – In early adulthood, a dedicated focus on rebirthing taught me to utilise my breath to be present with my heart and body, regulate my internal state, and find authentic self-expression.

Many years of exploration of breath, trauma therapies, expression, movement, and deep-authentic relating inform my work and relationships. 

I offer touch, connection, and a coming-home to self through practices such as ZenThai Shiatsu, Aquatic Bodywork, KaHuna Massage, Contact Improvisation Dance and Rebirthing/Breathwork.


One on one Bodywork sessions through the lens of ZenThai Shiatsu, KaHuna and warm-water Aquatic Bodywork.

Body&Breathwork Sessions combining Breathwork/Rebirthing, Bodywork and expressive movement.

Relational Breathwork sessions for couples and groups wanting to explore a more somatic, embodied approach than regular talk therapies. (By application).

Aquatic Bodywork/Dance for couples and groups

Two separate workshops coming up in January/February 2023 with Jaime-Lee Hind and Keith Haining

Authentic, Body-based intention setting, Swap breath sessions, Sharing

Relational Breathwork : Groupwork
Bringing breathwork into the interpersonal, relational field in a supported group space. Life happens in relationship. Develop skills of sharing from your embodied, authentic self. Clear blocks to deep relating and unfold into heart-centered connection. When we come together in the safe container of a group willing to connect through the heart, we can rapidly transform limiting patterns and be freer to move through life the way we truly desire.

Contact Details: 

Sarita Sloane – Growing up as a deeply sensitive being in a sensory world, I have found the wisdom and gifts of yoga, dance, voice, music and somatic practices a sure way to stay sane, ground my awareness and live life with more effectiveness, balance and joy.

Trained as a yoga therapist and teacher since 2000, Kundalini Dance Facilitator, sound healer and various other modalities of expressive and somatic arts, I love facilitating individuals to connect with and honour their body, voice, heart and soul.

I now bring these tools into my practice as an Occupational therapist working with people with ASD, ADHD, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain and neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and brain injury. My passion is creating a space to open to the sensual flow of life in this vital moment.


Upcoming events for your soul Voice:
Medicine Song circle for women- meets in the golden womb yurt monthly on Thursday nights as well as divine day retreats to open explore and share the medicine of your voice through ancient prayers of song for the earth and community. – check for upcoming circle dates in 2023! 

Or Facebook medicine song circle 

Kirtan Alive Collective – the BEST kirtan on the Sunshine Coast! check Facebook for updates and come and join us for sacred heart felt devotional singing and yogic kirtan chanting events in the Noosa hinterland. Chant ancient mantras with incredible live music all together in a group, to lift the roof off your vibration! 


Contact Details: 
Mobile: 0414 898 235


Jason Hay has deep insights into living as an authentic man. His insights into himself and those around him have led to many unexpected discoveries and new awareness.

Trained as a ZenThai Shiatsu and Body De-Armouring Practitioner, he loves music and has contributed to gatherings with his skills.

My offering to participant is: 

Walking up to Mt Coolum and Meditation on the beach – Free
Contact Details:
Mobile: 0466 880 266

 Jandamarra Cadd – Artist, Gardener, Social Justice Advocate and Storyteller

Jandamarra Is a Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Warung descendent. An inspirational man with many stories to tell. Bridging the story telling divide between First Nation and mainstream Australia. 
Through his art, words, movement or other mediums of organic and orchestrated expression, he invites the viewer or participant to connect with a deeper part of their own self while reflecting this authentically into the world around them.
See his art at

Angela Kapudija is a Dancing Freedom facilitator who’s classes aim to create a flow state experience that will take the dancer into an exploration into movement, mindfulness and meditation.

Using the 5 elements as inspiration for the soundscape, her classes are free-form with some guided facilitation offered to assist in the dancer to explore awareness centred in the body, breath, movement patterns and emotional expression.

Angela has travelled internationally and around Australia to learn from various teachers in 5Rhythms, Nia, Soul Motion, Azul, Tribal, Shaking Meditation, Blindfold, Contact Improvisation, Kundalini, Osho Dynamic, Open Floor, chakra dance and other somatic practices. 

She founded Inner Rhythm, a weekend Dance Camp, in 2018 and holds regular classes on the Sunshine Coast. 

Sunday Sessions – Embodiment Dance Practice
Yandina School of Arts 
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2022 AT 2 PM – 3:30 PM UTC+08


Alexander Alm is a professional Musician with over 14 years experience playing and performing. Since Aquiring his Bachelor of Contemporary Music and Performance in 2016, he has spent the last 6 years teaching, writing and facilitating music in all shapes and forms and is now incredibly passionate about the Healing aspect of music and the powerful journeys it can take us on. He is currently based in Caloundra on Queensland's Sunshine Coast where he is able to be collaborated with both Online and in person.


From beginner to advanced intermediate, we will cultivate that felt sense of which muscles to engage to activate the singer within and how what we believe about ourselves is greatly intertwined with this. Re - discover that unfiltered expression we had when we were children, that enables our voice to authentically express our souls truth.

From beginner to advanced, let's take your guitar playing on a journey to the place your heart desires, fueling the fire of inspiration and maintaining that heart centred expression! Exploring such things as: Improvisation, playing with other musicians, writing you own songs, covering other artists songs and much more.

Learn how to compose music harmonically, melodically and lyrically! Also receiving copyright-free coaching on where to take your music to get it sounding the way you want. We'll explore music theory, spontaneous self expression, artist inspiration, flow state/trance and how it all applies to your chosen instrument. These tools and more we shall utilise to navigate the songwriting road map.

Enter the music studio where we'll record, layer and engineer your ideas and get your art to reach it's full expression! (Demo quality)

Bespoke curation of music to articulate the mood, atmostphere and desired energy for your workshop, event, yoga class, sound healing, breathwork, dance and more.

Me as an original artist performing my unique flavour of acoustic medicine music at your event. From atmostpheric soundscapes to upbeat dance songs, to groovy reggae and funk, I'll use my guitar, voice, kick drum pedal, a range of different effects and a looper to put it all together in a way that will be both entertaining and inspiring. I aim to empower the individual and collective in a heart centred, heart opening way with my lyrics and uplifting harmony...and of course, to have fun!


Mobile: 0413 014 595

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  1. Sigh.

    So, so GOOD!!

    What a beautiful receiving, to read and feel all the facilitators here, again. Alec, I miss seeing you here included as One.

    An incredibly soft, profound, enlightening, connecting day.

    Thank you.


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