First Motorised Vehicle I  Own (in 4 years)

First Motorised Vehicle I Own (in 4 years)

When we came back from our journey around the world in 2017, we decided to further reduce our footprint. One decision was not to buy a car, but instead share cars from friends.

Living in Noosa means that there are no car sharing services here. We were lucky and forever grateful to two friends who live in the same road as we do and were happy to share their cars.

We write down all our km and calculate $0.30 per km, which we mostly offset by buying petrol.

The communication around who uses which car when, has created even more connected friendships. And the cars are used more, rather than just sitting in the driveway.

I hope that we all get so much better at sharing resources, especially vehicles that on average are only used 4% of the time.

It means that we could reduce every 20 cars down to a single one, provided we got more organised.

Going Electric

It was also clear to me that my next purchase vehicle would be electric. And now the time has come.

Fonzarelli Bikes are an Australian electric scooter brand. Mine comfortably fits two people, has a top speed of 80km/hour and a range of about 100km (that last part I still have to fully test).

And it is completely silent. Such a joy to ride without pollution (CO2 or noise).

So now my friend is getting ready to get a motorcycle license, so we can share the scooter with her…

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