From $714 million to $5.18 billion

2001: $714 million

2002: $899 million

2003: $1.7 billion

2004: $1.8 billion

2005: $2.5 billion

2006: $3.6 billion

2007: $5.18 billion

No, this is not how much money Bill Gates has made. It is the investment in Green-tech over the last few years (in North America and Europe).

Sounds promising at first glance. But one detail Cnet News Green-tech Blog added struck me:

“Energy generation was the most active sector with 172 deals, totaling $2.75 billion.”

It struck me, because of another post in there:

Do environmentalists contribute to global warming?

It is about how clean nuclear energy is. So I am wondering how much of those $2.75 billion went into nuclear power. Is it clean? Maybe when you look at greenhouse gases, even though I have read that the sourcing of the uranium produces quite a lot (but I do not really know).

My main objection to nuclear power comes from the fact that the decisions we make today, affect our children’s children for thousands of years. It is proof of the short-sightedness of humans. If we are not directly affected, there is no problem.

Maybe I am biased by the decision made in Germany to phase out nuclear power (after it was in operation over 40 years).

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