Great Salespeople

Investing was definitely the right way to go. After my first part time sales person came on, I was approached by someone else. He came through a referral from SCEC and really wanted to get into a sustainable business.

I would have loved to employ straight away, but was conscious to keep minimising my risk and not overspending. So I offered him a commission-only role with the full commitment of making it work.

He came at the end of November and I warned that the period before Christmas might be slower. But he graciously accepted an put full focus onto reaching the sales goal we set: selling 30 systems in December.

The first call he made during the training resulted in a sale. And we ended this month with more sales than in all the time SolarPay has been operating.

Great Sales People

From this experience, I’ve learnt about the profile of the ideal sales person.

  • Are excited about the offer they are making
  • Care about delivering value to clients
  • Focus on what they need to do to make sales: call clients
  • Have a positive attitude no matter what happens

Now it is time, to find support with administration.

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