Mobile Telecom

I had a few months of relaxation, visited friends, connected with our beautiful National Park, swam in the Ocean.

Then it was time for the next venture. A new business partner (actually a very dear friend, so we’ll see whether there is any truth in what they say about friends and going into business together).

He has been running Mobile Telecom for many years. I kept saying that I am not interested in the phone industry until a conversation I had with my wife. In it I remembered how much joy it had given me to create an amazing culture in SolarPay.

So here we are, the first day with a team of 3 sales people plus the back office support. We are back in the office in which I was with SolarPay.

It is a different start to my bootstrap one man show. We invested in computers, office furniture, salaries. The difference is that the business was already with an income, so the focus is on scaling it, rather than developing it from scratch.

But I am conscious that we did not micro test as well as we could have.

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