Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne

The first day of the Sustainable Living Festival is drawing to a close. I’ll be writing in more detail, here just a quick summary of what my impressions are so far.

Even though the Festival is in its 6th year right in CBD Melbourne, it is still mainly converted that visit it. That might change on the weekend, though.

Small companies are run by people that believe in the importance of sustainability. They cannot answer any questions with regards to the financial bottom line: What do consumers save?

Larger companies are really onto the savings that can be achieved with sustainability. One excellent example is MECU, a credit union. Their costs are 54 cents in the Dollar, compared to other credit unions where the costs are 78 centa in the Dollar. I could not find out yet, how these savings were achieved, but I have been promised to get that information.

One huge factor in the corporate talks was staff engagement. They all marvelled at how much productivity improved, because staff was involved in something worthwhile.

The biggest thing that stands out is the volunteers who make this festival possible. It is so wonderful to see so many committed, happy, joyous people (young and old) to bring sustainability to the masses.

Thank you.

If you want to find out more, go to the Sustainable Living Foundation website.

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