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Marketing on the internet is becoming more and more common and useful We recommend working with experienced professionals that understand not only how to design a website, but also how to make it work for you and generate new clients.

This page is an overview of the useful steps in developing a website that does more than just looking good.

Domain Name

The domain name should ideally give an idea of what it is that you are providing or be interesting in some way to your target audience. It is better to have a short name, so that your email address is not too long. Geographic endings are useful if your target market is in one country (i.e. use .au when you selling into Australia). Global sales work better from a .com website.

Check the availability of your chosen domain name:

If you select an Australian ending (e.g. .com.a, or your name needs to be an exact match, abbreviation or acronym of your business name or trademark; or have a close and substantial connection with your business type (i.e. describe what you sell).

You can register your domain name immediately with Aust  Domains.


Hosting is the service to provide a space for the files that make up your website on a computer that is constantly connected to the internet (Server).
For an Australian target market, it is worth getting a Hosting service that has their servers physically located in Australia. The speed difference is noticable, even with simple websites. For a global Audience, it is probably best to have the servers located in the US as that is closest to a huge market.

We have been working with Quadra Hosting and are very happy with their service. Not only is the interface userfriendly, they also answer queries quickly and professionally.

For international sites, I am using Hostgator. They offer unlimited sites on the one hosting.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the first step to getting more people to your site when they search for keywords that relate to you. There are numerous online companies offering support, but most of it is common sense. I learned the basics from Site Build It. Lots of free training, the hosting is expensive, but includes many useful tools.

Generating traffic to your site

One of the main ingredients for being found on the web is to have links from other sites to your site.

The more popular a site is that is linked to you, the better for your own ranking. Run a Link Popularity Check here

An even more pro-active tool is to pay for ads placed in Google. Getting the keywords right is the key.

Passive Income from your Website

When your website performs well and attracts large quantities of viewers, it might be worth adding some targeted advertising for others and earn a passive income in the process.

There are thousands of affiliate programs to choose from. Make sure you select useful offers and promotions and always check out how the process works once your clients click on a link. You are directing your viewers’ interest away from yourself and what you are selling. That can be useful, if you have more interested people than you can satisfy anyway or if you pass on value.

If at all possible, let the links open in a new window, so that your website is still open after the viewers close the other website.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense allows you to place changing ads on your website. The ads shown are based on your website’s content and also on geographic location of the viewer. A huge advantage is the credibility attached to Google.

A disadvantage is that the ads will always open in the same window, so that viewers will have left your site. You are paid per click, so need to ascertain whether the payment warrants losing a viewer. (If you have viewers who come back frequently, Google AdSense is a great option to add value for your viewers and yourself.)

Clix Galore is one of the largest providers of affiliate programs. You can search and choose from several thousand. A big advantage over signing up for individual programs is that all of your earning are lumped together and the payout threshhold is reached more quickly.

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